Current Graduate Students

  • Hamidreza Tavafoghi
  • Erik Miehling
  • Mohammad Rasouli

Former Graduate Students

  • Rajeev Agrawal; August 1988. Asymptotically Efficient Control Schemes for Stochastic Adaptive Optimization Problems
  • Mark S. Andersland; December 1988. Information Structures, Causality and Non-sequential Stochastic Control
  • Redha M. Bournas; November 1990. Optimal Hop-by-Hop Flow Control in Computer Communication Networks with Multiple Transmitters (Co-advisor with F. Beutler)
  • Mark P. Van Oyen; July 1992. Optimal Stochastic Scheduling of Queueing Networks: Switching Costs and Partial Information
  • Dimitrios G. Pandelis; May 1994. Optimal Stochastic Scheduling and Routing in Queueing Networks
  • Manjari Asawa; April 1995. Optimal Scheduling and Admission Control in Communication Networks (Co-advisor with W. Stark)
  • Meera Sampath; May 1996. A Discrete Event Systems Approach to Failure Diagnosis (Co-advisor with S. Lafortune)
  • Panagiotis Thomas; September 1998. A Market-Based Approach to Resource Allocation in Integrated-Services Connection-Oriented Networks
  • Nah-Oak Song; December 1998. Stochastic Resource Allocation Problems in Networks and Image Formation Systems
  • Rami Debouk; September 2000. Failure Diagnosis of Decentralized Discrete Event Systems(Co-advisor with S. Lafortune)
  • Christopher G. Lott; February 2001. Optimal Resource Allocation and Routing in Wireless Networks
  • Tara Javidi; May 2002. Optimal Resource Allocation: Issues and Applications
  • Tudor Stoenescu; September 2004. Decentralized Resource Allocation Mechanisms in Networks
  • Olivier Contant; May 2005. On Monitoring and Diagnosing Classes of Discrete Event Systems(Co-advisor with S. Lafortune)
  • David Thorsley; May 2006. Applications of Stochastic Techniques to Partially Observed Discrete Event Systems
  • Aditya Mahajan; September 2008. Sequential Decomposition of Sequential Dynamic Teams: Applications to Real-Time Communication and Networked Control Systems
  • Shrutivandana Sharma; September 2009. A Mechanism Design Approach to Decentralized Resource Allocation in Wireless and Large-Scale Networks: Realization and Implementation.
  • Yi Wang; May 2011. Sensor Scheduling Under Energy Contraints.
  • Ashutosh Nayyar; July 2011. Sequential Decision Making in Decentralized Systems.
  • Ali Kakhbod; August 2012. Resource Allocation in Decentralized Systems with Strategic Agents: An Implementation Theory Approach.
  • Yi Ouyang; 2015.